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What if you could find a used car that you knew was professionally maintained its entire life?

Anyone would be grateful to buy a car with this maintenance record. And what if the used car also came with the balance of factory warranty? Actually, this requires no imagination. Today’s used car buyers have access to literally tens of thousands of late-model, high-quality certified used cars via car rental companies.

The truth is used rental cars provide the best value in the used car market. These vehicles, while driven by multiple motorists, receive more care than the average consumer-owned vehicle. That means oil changes, brakes, tires and other parts are routinely inspected and maintained on a strict schedule by a staff of trained professionals.

While many people understand the advantages of a used vehicle over a new car (especially the depreciation tied to new vehicles), they may not consider the benefits of purchasing a used rental car.

Every year, around 2 million rental cars are sold in the United States. Many are sold directly to the neighborhood used car dealerships. However, tens of thousands are selected by rental companies for their own resale businesses. These vehicles represent the "cream of the crop." In Seattle, Dollar Car Sales is your best opportunity to find a huge selection of the best used rental cars available.

The vehicles at Dollar Car Sales are chosen from our Dollar Rent a Car fleet of more than 3,000 rental cars. We help you buy a quality used rental car – without a middle-man mark-up - and experience all the advantages that come with the buying it from a locally owned business.

Consider the benefits used rental cars offer for purchase:

  • Well Maintained: The performance of the vehicles in our rental fleet are critical to our livelihood. Every vehicles dependabilty, appearance and condition are key to our continued customer satisfaction and success. No other company is more committed to vehicle maintenance and care than Dollar Rent A Car.
  • Low mileage: Our retired rental vehicle usually have less than 36,000 miles when they are assigned for sale.
  • Reasonable prices: All our cars sold by Dollar Car Sales are priced below NADA or Kelley Blue Book Used Car Suggested Retail Values.

Find a used rental car today:

Used rental cars provide a tremendous value option for today’s used car buyer. Make a smart move for the next addition to your garage and check out the certified used cars available at Dollar Car Sales.

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